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The 52nd Floor

Thinking Deeply About Leadership

ISBN: 978-0-9820185-0-7 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-0-9820185-3-8 (paperback)

ASIN: B0025KUEWW (Kindle)

Attitudes Aren’t Free

Thinking Deeply About Diversity in the US Armed Forces

ISBN: 978-0-9820185-6-9 (hardcover)

(Originally published by AU Press)

ASIN: B006YM513E (Kindle)

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Echoes of Mind

Thinking Deeply About Humanship

ISBN: 978-09820185-7-6 (paperback)

ASIN: B004GXAYRQ (Kindle)

Better Board Governance

with The MGO System

ISBN: 978-09820185-8-3 (paperback)

ASIN: B0055D0GN8 (Kindle)